Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Graco DuoGlide

Our beloved Graco DuoGlide Double Stroller has been feeling lonely lately. She sees little action. She hangs out in the garage, and is dusty. She occasionally gets a push or nudge from the kids while in the garage. She rarely gets ridden in. She didn't come with me to the clinic yesterday. She didn't come on vacation to Hayward. She didn't go to the TaterDaze Parade a few weeks back (the wagon was the ticket). She hasn't seen the inside of Target in eons. Car seat carriers being snapped on is ancient history. She hasn't been hastily and roughly tossed in the back of the Pacifica in the past few months. She is nearly out of commission.

Poor girl... she worked hard and was generally treated poorly, but she kept on rolling. Now that the kids are two - well, they have TWO legs each and they can walk just fine! (Maybe that is the twin mommy in me...not sure). She will most likely get put back into commission for the State Fair (photo above is at the State Fair last year). Time will tell. Currently, when we roll/stroll the neighborhood, we use the wagon. I see her remianing very use full in crowded, expansive outdoor environments, and I promise to call upon her again when needed.

Here are some memorable moments for the DuoGlide...

  • The first time I took her out on my own with Jenny Lyons when the kids were 2-3 weeks old. I couldn't figure out how to fold it up after we used her and had to call Mark on my cell phone.
  • Trader Joes, Gymoboree and Banana Republic at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove when mom and dad needed fresh air.
  • Restaurants when parenting solo and meeting friends or family, such as meeting Cindy at Ridgedale.
  • Minnehaha creek for the Get in Gear 5K to watch Mark, Jeremy, Rachel and Jesse run. She went on the Light Rail that day.
  • Grand Avenue watching Daddy run the Grand 'Ole Days 5 K.
  • The steamy hot 4th of July Parade in Forest Lake two years ago. The kids slept in you most of the time.
  • Trips to Como and the MN Zoo.
  • Your typical mall trips.
  • Strolls around Lake Calhoun on two Mother's Day's.
  • Many walks around our neighborhood in Blaine.
  • Treks around the Coon Rapids Dam.
  • Two years in a row at the Apple Orchard. Your basket contained our blanket, wine, diaper bag, etc.
  • Doctors appointments when parenting solo.
  • Macy's 8th floor holiday auditorium show two years ago. We left you in the lobby as we winded through the display.
  • The Holidazzle Parade this past winter.

and on, and on, and on. She worked in heat. She worked in bitter cold. She braved rain and crowds. She had no choice.

Thank you Dad and Chris for purchasing this VERY usefull travel system for us as a shower gift. I think she paid for herself.

All good baby products have their time and place, much like my Madela breast pump, who I also fondly blogged about, and is now ancient history...

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britta said...

Of all the strollers I have pushed over the years...Graco rocks!!!! I even own a fancy shmancy one too.....hahaha...for real!


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