Thursday, July 2, 2009

Have a GREAT weekend!

Whatever your plans are for the 4th of July... Have a GREAT holiday! The Thomberg's will be heading to Kandi and enjoying a day at the lake, and seeing family through the weekend. My dad will be home from France on Saturday as well. Not sure what the plan is, but he alerted us before he left he would be keen to see the Twinners ASAP once he got over the jet lag. For photos from the holiday last year - CLICK HERE

In the mean time, Mark has been driving my Dad's car, and we will have to return it. It is no fun to put bad news on a blog, so I have not yet posted I was in an accident last Friday. I am completely okay (as is the other driver) but my car is in the repair shop. It is safe to say my Dad's car is pretty fancy-smancy and Mark is getting very spoiled! I am terrified to drive it, but I know Mark doesn't want to give it back!

Oh - and a very special 4th of July FIRST birthday SHOUT OUT to our Godchild - Miss Vivian Lyons. Happy Birthday honey pie!

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