Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Orchard 2008

A fun time was had by all at the apple orchard, which also just happens to be the St. Croix Valley Vineyard...which means you can eat apples accompanied by a bottle of Minnesota wine! Being savvy to the situation, my diaper bag contained a Swiss Army knife w/ cork screw, plastic cups, Carr's Table Water crackers, goat cheese from Costco, string cheese for Marly & Dean...oh.. and bottled water for them. I suspect the vineyard has turned out to be a brilliant marketing tool and investment for the apple orchard owners! Jenny & Jeremy joined us as they did last year. This year new edition 12-week-old Vivian was inaugurated to the activities. Despite the clouds, we had a very nice afternoon.

Silly Thomberg's!

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Jen Lyons said...

Another fun trip to the orchard this year! I'm SO happy this is becoming a tradition for us and our families. Who can ask for a better afternoon than one filled with friends, apples, wine and the great outdoors? Love ya, Jen


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