Monday, July 20, 2009

Vacation Post #1 - Sunny Days!

We are back from a wonderful family vacation at the Grand Pines Lodge on Round Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin. The Thomberg's arrived Sunday just after the noon hour and enjoyed a glorious afternoon of sun and several pontoon rides. Brett and Rachel arrived a short time later. The sun held out through Monday as well, and after that, it is another story for another post!

Beginning to unwind and relax.

Rachel brought the Twinners new cups the kids loved.

The blow up turtle didn't get as much action as we had hoped...

Brett getting more of a tan in his SPF 0

Pork Chops for supper

Wrapping up the evening with a bubble bath.

Stay tuned for more vacation posts to come. Monday we spent the day on Brett's boat. Everyone (besides Marly and Dean), took a turn or attempt at water skiing. Brett went barefooting. There are NO photos. We didn't bring the camera since we thought we had days of boat time ahead! Unfortunately, Brett's boat didn't see the water for the rest of the trip.

In case you are wondering Dad and Chris arrived Monday evening for a steak supper on the grill.

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