Monday, July 27, 2009

M.I.A. on Saturday...

Saturday Mark worked in the morning, but was home in time to run errands with us. First stop, 10:15 AM haircuts for Marly and Dean at Kid's Hair in Maple Grove. I was armed with my "buddy cuts" coupon for $5 off. We left with two stylish Twinners, one sporting a neatly trimmed, curly, toddler bob, the other with bangs that no longer hang in his eyes.

Next stop, Gymobree, again armed with coupons - my "Gym Bucks" which would expire on Sunday.

Finally, we were off to Costco (I picked up the current coupon book at customer service) were we regularly drop hundreds of dollars on food, diapers, and household needs. After shopping and paying, we lined up to clear through the first set of doors ready to present our receipt as proof of our purchases. We were just about to clear the second set of doors when Mark said, "Where is Marly???" Oh my GOD! We left her at the check out!!! (She wanted out of the cart while waiting, and had climbed into the back and was standing on our eggs, so I lifted her out and set her down, while Dean stayed safely in his seat.) I anxiously zig zagged my way through the carts lined up to depart, and then darted right and left by customers to get back to the check out. There she was, standing next to a kind Mommy and a kind Costco employee... too scared perhaps even to cry. The employee had Marly by the hand and said, "Is that your Mommy?"... to which she vigorously nodded her head up and down. Poor thing. Stupid Mommy and Daddy!

We loaded up BOTH kids and our purchases and headed for home. Half way home, I looked in the back seat and noticed something else important was M.I.A. - OSCAR! He was in the car at Kid's Hair. Mark remembered Dean dragging him into Gymboree. Sure enough, I called the store. By the looks of poor, worn, loved Oscar, the clerk knew someone would be calling soon. A 6 year old girl had found Oscar. The 6 year was VERY worried the bear would not be reunited with his young owner. I had to go back later that afternoon to retrieve Oscar...

If I can be humerous about this, I least we noticed Marly was missing sooner then we noticed Oscar was.

Oh My... Oh My!

To wrap up the weekend, the next day, the Twinners and I picked up my Dad and we headed to Jan and Sheldon's on Lake Allie for Sawyer's 4th birthday party. Another Sunday with beautiful Minnesota lake weather.

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