Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Flu

We are praying for a speedy recovery for Kelly and Pat. They have both gotten the flu! Nanny/Auntie Kelly arrived at our house last Friday as usual to watch the kids, and said Pat wasn't feeling well. He became very sick, and by Sunday, Kelly was ill herself. Although it is not confirmed by the only actual test through the MN Health Department (which ONLY occurs if your are admitted to a hospital), if you do get influenza right now, you have contracted the Swine Flu.

So, in the mean time, Mark and I are piece mealing together care for Marly and Dean. Today and yesterday, I went in late and Mark came home early. My Dad was planning to help this morning, but Marly woke with a fever and runny nose. At 6:45 AM I was on the phone with the clinic scheduling line getting both her and Dean (by default) in to see a pediatrician. By 8:30 AM we were done meeting with Dr. Z and were on our way to Walgreen's for Marly's prescription of Tamiflu as a precautionary measure. There is no way to know if Marly really has the flu, but if she does, the prescription will help lessen the symptoms. (She did test negative for Strep.) You need the prescription early on after symptoms, or it will do you no good. Let's look at the positive side of this, when November rolls around and the flu rears it's ugly head (and there is no swine flu vaccine yet), we may already be immune... and if there is a shortage of Tamiflu... well then maybe we won't need it anyway!

Once home, Marly jumped onto her trike for a spin around the drive and then went off to play. Clearly she is not too sick! Mark returned home at lunch and she was laughing and giggling when I left for work, so hopefully she will be just fine.

Knock on wood, the rest of us seem okay... but I am ready to dial the clinic for the Tamiflu at the first sign of any symptoms.

Take care aqll and wishing each of you good health! (and especially to Pat and Kelly)

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