Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Vacation Post #6 - Andrea

Me.... Yes... in the summer I often put ice in my wine....

Of the two parents, my "style" of book reading might be prefered over Mark's...

I think my sunglassed make me look like a bug, but I wear them anyway. These are from Gap... Kids. Have I ever mentioned I have a small head?

  • I like to rest and take naps on vacation.

  • I like to check out and read, while ignoring the kids and Mark. This vacation I read, "Little Bee". I also read People magazine, etc.

  • I like to take the kids to the pool.

  • I like to just "hang out" on vacation around the resort property, on the beach, and by the pool. I like to bring a glass of wine with me....(in a plastic cup usually, oh.. and on ice again)

  • I like to eat wonderful food on vacation and most certainly have PREFERENCES about where we eat. This year I was excited to eat at the Duluth Grill (as seen on Dives, Drive-ins, and Diners), the Ledge Rock Grill right at the resort, The New Scenic Cafe (we try and get there every trip Up North), and Sara's Table Chester Creek Cafe in Duluth.

  • I LOVE lattes, and was delighted my Dad often endulged me with a trip up the road to a small coffee shop called the Mocha Moose in the morning (or afternoon).

  • I actually enjoyed our visit to the Train Museum in Duluth. I recall Brett wanting to go there every year when we were little. I wasn't not nearly as thrilled. I was surprised how much I enjoyed our visit with the kids.

  • I think the Vista Harbor Cruise is WAY TOO LONG!

  • I still believe in Earl.

  • I know family vacations are PRICELESS!

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