Monday, May 10, 2010

Swing Set update and my thoughts on the phenomenon...

Saturday Mark and his dad were back on the job to complete the swing set! Mission Accomplished and Complete!
That's the neighbor's house behind the swing. We spent a lot of time deciding where to put it. We have a large front yard, a strangely shaped back yard, and several mature trees. The perfect location off our patio couldn't be used unless we wanted to cut down a pine tree.

This is what the Twinner's found waiting when they woke up from their nap!
The glider on the end needs some additional bolts, and will be operational soon!

Honestly, getting the swing set put up appears to be some sort of 'Rite of Passage' in Suburbia and elsewhere. Drive down my street, and there they are in many a back yard. But...Where do they go to when the kids are in middle school, Jr high, etc??? I have checked on Craig's List. I think they are a hot commodity over there. I actually considered asking a neighbor if they might be done with theirs, and could I purchase it used, but didn't. At work, while chatting with a fine sponsor to our hospital about our weekend, he commented, "Oh.. I have one of those in my backyard we are done with!!!"

I do believe this monstrosity will be worth the money spent (gifted...), but it is sort of an interesting phenomenon.

Do European kids all have their own swings in their backyard???

I had a swing growing up. It was not so sturdy or fancy as Marly and Dean's (who actually have a pretty cheap version as systems go. No Rainbow Play System for them!!). Mine was metal, or aluminium perhaps. My mom had spray painted over the rust. Mark had a swing purchased from Sear's growing up. I also had an actual tree swing.

Fun Fact - I still love to swing to this day. As a child, I flew off three seperate swings when the chain or rope broke. One required an emergency room visit to check my wrist, which was fine.


Angie said...

Lucky kiddos!

Swing sets Australia said...

Beautiful work.


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