Friday, February 19, 2010


My life consists of a perpetual cycle of Unload/Reload in a variety of forms. I was contimplating my routines this morning...

Get Up

Unload dish washer, unload or reload washer, dryer, or drying rack

Get dressed

Make the beds

Load kids for daycare/Unload

Go to work/Pay the bills

Set the table/Clear the table

Pour the milk/Wipe up the spilled milk

Sweep the floor/Empty the dust pan

Load the dishwasher/Load or unload the washer, dryer, or drying rack.

Get undressed

Go to bed

Add to this weekly...

Take out the trash/Put in a new bag

Get the groceries/Load the car/Unload the car

Strip the sheets/Make the beds

Unwind the vacuum cord/Vacuum/Rewind the cord...


BUT... you can add in stopping in the middle of the drive just this morning to watch the garbage truck go around the caldesac, watching the kids run around the kitchen table a million times, chasing kids with the vacuum, playing with trains on the floor, questions for mommy, stories for daddy, mommy chorus's from the backseat, pizza I didn't make, kids actually occasionally eating their vegetables with a giddy grin, announcements on who went poop, Dean giving Inga a dolly a time out, Dean giving me sloppy kisses, Marly giving me kisses when I beg her, the twinners kissing and hugging each other, loving my husband, loving my family, loving my friends, being loved back, having a paycheck...



1 comment:

Lori said...

That puts it in perspective. Nicely said, wouldn't change a thing. That hug, and kiss, and I love you is worth it all!


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