Monday, February 1, 2010

A Thomberg Family Outing

It had been too long since the Thomberg Foursome had a fun family weekend outing.

The past couple weeks, we have enjoyed family gatherings/meals with aunts, uncles and the grandparents. But as for Foursome free time, just getting what needs to be done has been consuming Saturday and Sunday. So Saturday morning, after Mark returned from doing some work at the 'Bou, we bundled up, loaded up, headed to McDonald's for lunch, and then on to see the ice sculptures at Rice Park for the St. Paul Winter Carnival. I promised the kids we would see a dragon (I noted the photo on line), and it was nearly the first sculpture we came across.
It was finally back in the double digits in Minnesota, and the kids enjoyed being outside.

I had to discourage both Marly and Dean from trying to lick the ice.

Brrr.... getting chilly!

Dad was getting cold. Time to head home!

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