Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dancing with Dave

Last weekend Mark and I unconsciously and consciously decided to plan nothing. While commuting home on Friday I called Mark and convinced him Thomberg Family Pizza night should hit the road. We headed to Sammy Perella's near our home, and we all had a great dinner out. The kids are finally getting to a place where we can actually all have fun in a social dining setting.

Saturday was your usual, uneventful day... which is was what we had planned/or NOT planned. Our next couple of weekends are booked solid with festivities, work, and birthday hoopla too, so this past weekend was designated down time.

Anyway, Saturday as I was cooking supper upstairs, Mark turned on our favorite - Dave Matthews (anything DMB really. We are not picky.) 'Typical Situation' was playing, and I came downstairs to find a dance party underway.

Dave's lyrics move me often, and this Saturday evening was no different.

When I say the lyrics "move" me, initially I meant emotionally. If taken in the literal sense, you all know I have NO rhythm, but I will try.

It's a typical situation
In these typical times
Too many choices
Everybody's happy
Everybody's free
We'll keep the big door open
Everyone will come around....

My life is pretty 'typical', and we do have 'too many choices', but this Saturday evening, even I can recognize that 'typical' is good, and 'EVERYBODY'S HAPPY'!

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happygal said...

Well put, my friend!


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