Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Be My Valentine

Anyone who knows me well, might know that I LOVE Valentine's Day (...something about a birthday!). Well growing up, I always remember my mom hanging up hearts around the house for Valentine's Day (birthday!). You know, those card stock printed paper holiday decoration you could buy for any season at like, Kmart. Do you know what I am talking about? You hung them up on the window or wall or door with Scotch tape! After the holiday, you would rip them down (marring the back where the tape had been) and save them until next year (or at least we did).

Well, it is safe to say I am not very successful at being crafty... but every once in a while I just can't help myself from pretending. So, I had this intense itch to create heart holiday garland for the banister to add some heart hoopla to our home. (I wasn't up for a trip to Kmart.) I picked up a couple of those "spool of ribbons" at Walmart and got various shades of pink and red card stock on a 2 for one deal at JoAnne Fabrics.

So, for several evenings last week (after the kids were in bed) you could find me sprawled out on the floor cutting, punching, and stringing my hearts. I enjoyed the therapeutic activity so much, the lengths of garland kept growing as I thought up more places to hang my hearts! (with out being tacky hopefully...)

It is time to dust UP high. See the cob webs in the photo above! Heart garland now graces all three of our living/dining room windows.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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Anonymous said...

What's this about not being crafty? I'd say you did a great job!


Fumbling Toward Family said...

Adorable! I'd say you're very crafty!


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