Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Disappearing Diaper

Marly and Dean are potty trained, but not night trained. Actually I have not even thought about it. Every evening we put a diaper or a pull up on the kids, then their jammies. More often then not, they now wear two piece PJ's. This is easier on mom and dad when they claim they must go potty again after they are tucked in and have said their prayers.

Yesterday morning, Marly crawled into our bed around 4:30 am. Yesterday was a VERY out of the ordinary morning for the Thomberg's. You see, Mark was home and planning to take the kids to daycare. He ended up working all weekend and decided to take a few hours for himself on Monday. Normally he is gone by 5 am every weekday.

As he was undressing Marly (an unusual change of routine), he discovered she was damp, and diaper free. Some quick investigation uncovered wet sheets and mattress pad liner in her bed. The Dora pull-up she had on when she went to bed with on Sunday was no where to be found. Hmmm....

This morning, Marly got up after me (and long after Mark had left the house). She got into our bed to watch cartoons while I got ready. When it was time to go potty and get dressed, I discovered a dry daughter, but again... with NO diaper. Again, I have no idea where the diaper she started the night in has gone. I did check under her bed, in the cabinet, etc.

Hmmm - Tricky trickster may have decided she thinks she is NIGHT potty trained. Her parents are NOT convinced.

Dean does NOT take off his diaper at night. I suppose about 80% of the time, his diaper or pull up is dry. Unfortunately though, the last two Saturday afternoons, he has taken to pooping in his pants while under his kiddy picnic table in the toy room. The smell gives the naughty boy away every time. Darn it - He did it last Sunday too (even though I had asked him just 20 minutes before to go POTTY!)

We will see what tomorrow brings...


britta said...

So where was the diaper(s)!?

Andrea said...

I plan to search in the back of the closet later tonight!

britta said...


britta said...
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