Friday, February 26, 2010

One Day, Two Kids, Three Years Old!

Tomorrow is M & D's birthday! This morning they headed off to daycare with cupcakes to share and we are gearing up for some fun.

This is the first year we are able to host a traditional party for the Twinners in our own home. We didn't have room in the townhouse. So this past week, day by day... I have been checking items off my list to make this weekend's events special for Marly & Dean, and special for our guests. Of course we have worked to try and accomplish a few small home improvement/decorating feats. The outcome to date are some very minor accomlishments, some 1/2 way & most ideas removed from radar for the moment. You see, this is the first time many of my aunts or cousins may have seen our home. For full disclosure, if you were to walk into our house right now, you would see it is clearly NOT fit for a party... but we'll be ready in time.

This was a part of our party invite. I really like the photos (taken on Super Bowl Sunday) because I think we captured M & D's personalities and relationship at this stage in their wee lives.


britta said...

Happy Birthday Marly and Dean! You kids are growing up so fast! I feel like I have known you from the start, but instead I have just known your mama from the start!!

Have a great birthday weekend!

Love Britta

happygal said...

Those are adorable. Hope the birthday was a success!


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