Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A look back in time/my pregnancy journal

The Twinner's third birthday is this Saturday... so I thought I would take a look back at the pregnancy journal I wrote the 9 months prior to their birth. Here is what I wrote the last two weeks before their arrival. I had been resting at home and restricted from work since the beginning of February. Because both babies were breech, a c-section was inevitable. (Forgive my everchanging tenses!)

Week 36 - Monday we see Dr. E and set up the c-section for February 27th at 7:30 am. You will be just under 38 weeks, but this is an open day for the Dr and he is a being cautious w/ my blood pressure. I am short of breath most of the time and can’t walk too far. I don't go out very much w/ out Mark. I measured 44 inches and weighed 167 pounds. I started at 131. At the Dr. I can’t get down from the exam table w/ out Mark’s help.

Week 37Thursday I had my LAST appointment at the perinatal clinic. I brought the ladies chocolate and weighted 169 pounds accourding to their scale. All went well.

Friday we were out to dinner at Ruth Chris for Rachel’s Birthday. I am VERY round and my shirt is a bit too short. It is really quite hard to move and I really feel better if I have Mark’s arm. In the bathroom at Ruth Chris, two women younger then me comment on how cute and big I am, and I alert them I have twins on TUESDAY.

Saturday we had a big snow storm and thru Sunday got 12 inches of snow. I didn’t go out much. Had to miss Chris’s birthday brunch at Salud in Edina, since Mark was working at Marco’s and I really don’t feel comfortable going about without him. Sunday we enjoyed church. Sunday I miss my mom quite a bit and I tear up in church. There are only a few people at church due to the weather.

Really, I am quite uncomfortable most of the time and I am ready to go from beautiful belly to precious babies. Babies still move a lot and Mark talks to you often. I will miss the moving and my belly very much. My face, legs, and arms are all small. Babies seem to absorb everything right on my belly. I am very proud I made it to 37 ½ weeks!


happygal said...

That was fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

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