Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Shower, Basketball and More...

Saturday Marly and I cruised home for a baby shower for our cousin's wife, Michelle. After the church basement shower with plenty of gifts, Marly and I headed over to the school. My other cousin Michelle's daughter Mariah was playing basketball in an elementary tournament, and we wanted to say "Hi".

At the shower I got to see many relatives, friends, and neighbors, chat and catch up. At school, we ran into even more wonderful old friends. We saw Jack and Gayle Grimm from my childhood church, my oldest cousin Deb, and Molly (the wife to one of our family farms employee's growing up. If I can digress for a moment....when I was little, and it was fall harvest, I use to LOVE to ride in the beet truck to the dump and back with Molly's husband Scott.). It was so much fun to visit my own school with Marly in tow. As we departed I snapped her picture at a side door.

Michelle commented it wasn't necessary to travel to Hector two weekends in a row just for her baby shower. The truth is, if I don't come home for events like this... what or how do I come? I can't just show up on doorsteps on a Saturday morning, and we have no doorstep of our own at this place I choose to lovingly refer to as "home". My kids are little, and don't yet have organized activities demanding our time. Currently, I want and choose to use our time to attempt to stay close to my extended family. I know the day will come this will not be readily possible. I will cherish it now, with some sort of hope that it will somehow carry me through.

Sunday I was working at the Change for Kids Collection Party at the Mall of America for KS95 for Kids. All went well! If you would like more info about the Change for Kids fundraiser, or the private party coming up at Nickelodeon Universe the evening of March 7th... Click HERE!

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