Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jazzing it up: Our Bedroom, continued...

Mark and I have been meaning to "Jazz Up" our bedroom for a very long time. We can FINALLY check that off our list now. When we moved in, Mark painted the walls khaki, and used a deep brown as an accent behind our bed. Overtime, we got a new duvet cover, then curtain rods and chocolate brown curtains.... and then... no progress.

Oh... and I didn't like the paint!

At some point, I purchased two old sturdy night stands from the Salvation Army. They needed refininshing, and I had high hopes of finding a sturdy long/low dresser to refinish as well. That never came to be. Mark's old particle board dresser with TV on top kept it's place.

Finally we choose a paint color. (Perhaps you rember me mentioning painting our bedroom between jobs in November...and how I didn't get farther than sample colors on the wall). Once we had the paint, Mark went to work.

Next, we made a trip to Ikea to check out furniture, and later another trip, as the weeks have slipped by. Mark did some assembling. I broke down boxes for recycling and wiped glue. We made a run to Lowe's for this and that...

And here you have it! Our "Jazzed Up" Master Bedroom. We mounted the TV on the wall and got a cord cover, which I painted to match the wall. The DVD player is stashed under the dresser. We love the long Ikea mirror, which makes our tiny room seem a bit bigger. We added hooks behind our bedroom door for added function.

And of course, we hung our Do It Yourself headboard! (post below)

Still to come - art work on the walls....

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