Friday, April 29, 2011

Book Club, Elephants and Costco

I have mentioned before my neighborhood ladies have a book club. We call ourselves 'The Riverview Readers'. I'll just be honest, many members gather to drink more then gathering to discusss literature. Reading the book selection is NOT a requirement. Many books get held over. We meet the last Thursday of every month. We gather at 7 pm. We rotate houses. We drink wine. We talk about the book. We talk about everything else. We talk about how the men DON'T gather unless we plan a neighborhood activity outside of book club. Just to be honest again, we talk about the other neighbors too!

Last week I hosted book club at my house. We had unintentionally taken a month of hiatus. I didn't read the book. I think it was called "Night Over Water". Someday I will read it. The ladies who completetd the novel alerted those who didn't it is pretty steamy. Steamy is good.

At book club, the hostess can serve whatever she wants. Nothing fancy though. Crackers and cheese, and something sweet (bought or baked) works well. Fruit goes, like if you have grapes in your fridge. You must serve wine (a selection of red and white). Others may bring a bottle. It better not be fancy. It probably aught to cost $12 or less.... more likely less. That's how it goes, and it works for us.

Last week I served chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, strawberries, bruchetta with a toasted bagette, and Costco's Kirkland sea salt caramels. I also served Kirkland wine. It was the right price point, and went over well.

We may have discussed the sea salt caramels, wine, and Costco as much as we discussed Ken Follets (author???) book.

Last night, the Riverview Readers went on a field trip. We headed to the theater to see "Water for Elephants" (our book 4 months ago). My neighbor Jill (along with Kelly and Jaci) picked me up at the end of my drive, then stopped three houses down to get Chlo. We headed to Champlin where Jill got us in for FREE because her future son-in-law is the theater manager. We felt a bit like teen-agers sneaking in.

After a great movie, we headed over to the neighborhood favorite, Maverick's, where we indulged in a drink (or two), since we couldn't drink wine IN the movie. And since we were out, well...most of us choose something harder then wine.

Of course we talked about Costco again. Kelly and Jill had both purchased Kirkland sea salt caramels and Kirkland Pinot Grigio for Easter. Okay, the wine may not have been for Easter. Kelly also discussed 'Night Over Water' again. She talked about how she thought the print was particularly small, thus making it difficult to read, and part of the reason she hadn't finished the book. Jill suggested it was time for cheater glasses, and not the text in her copy.

So, there you have a rather random glimpse into our book club!

The Riverview Readers - driving the sales at Costco, and keeping our little community sharp!

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JennyF said...

That sounds like a wonderful evening out! I have never tried Kirkland wines, but may have to based on your experience. :-)


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