Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Fantastic Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! Hope you had a lovely day & enjoyed the lovely weather.

On Sunday, the Thomberg's headed to church, took some photos in our yard,

(before getting too muddy),

then loaded into the Pacifica and headed due west to Bird Island to my cousin Dawn's!

We stopped for coffee at the 'Bou, got gas in Plato, and pulled on a gravel road near Brownton for two kids to go potty. Two hours later we arrived with our bowl of broccoli salad.

It was a great day. Naturally, as a child we gathered with aunts, uncles, and cousins every holiday. Then we grew up. We got married. Some of those we love have left us. We have our own families. We host our own holidays.

But this year, we gathered! My cousin Dawn invited and rangled some of the Toren clan. We had a marvelous day.

We ate (of course).

The kids hunted for eggs under rocks and behind trees.

The adults had an egg toss under the open blue sky and white clouds.

I was paired with my Uncle Gary. I took one for the team. There is still egg on my shoe and sweater. Every adult had a true and natural grin from ear to ear.

There was one four wheel rider for five of the second cousins. They went up the country road to see the neighbor's cows. They returned with reports of lots of cows pooping and peeing! Dean was the only boy. Of course he found himself seated right in front.

Late in the afternoon, we headed back to suburbia. We made a stop at Nana and Papa's. As Mark and I were getting ready for bed that evening, he was STILL talking about the egg toss. He declared it a fantastic Easter!

I second that!

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