Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When stars align

Friday was one of those days when all was PERFECT in the world. I had the day off work. The weather was glorious. Friends would be gathering. The zoo was calling. The kids were joyous.

Last Wednesday I set up a play date with Jenny at Como Park.

Thursday evening I texted the beautiful Ms Molly deVries - "Will you join us?" It is best not to count the months (year...) that have passed since Molly and I last shared time together.

And so we gathered under the clear blue sky, and let our Vitamin D deficient bodies soak in the sun. The kids took their time admiring every creature they encountered.
We had a picnic lunch. The kids played at the playground. The mommies sat on a blanket sipping a delighful bottle of twist-off Savignon Blanc from plastic cups. Everyone laughed.

The stars aligned. The day was magical.

If you were to poll the three women in attendance, (3 women who work hard to be their best for their families) I think all would agree the three women had at least as much fun as the six children among them.

Friday was a day that nurtured the soul.

**P.S - I almost forgot to mention I got to meet gal pals for food and drink, and the comforts of friendship at Sulut on Grand in the evening! How lucky at I!**

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Jen Lyons said...

SUCH a fun day! I hope we can do this more often in the upcoming spring & summer!


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