Monday, February 21, 2011

The Weekend

My weekend started when I got home at 3:30 pm on Friday and crawled straight into bed (seriously). I hadn't felt well all day and came home early. The rest of the Thomberg's ate pizza and watched a movie with out me. Dean came into our room at 7:20 to check on me.

He said, "Mommy, We need to take your temperature."

"Sure, Buddy!" I replied.

He went and found the thermometer and instructed me to keep it under my tongue. It registered 101.4. Yup - I was pretty sick and spent 80% of my weekend in bed or on the couch, battling aches, pains, fevers and other unpleasant symptoms.

This is Marly on Saturday morning. Mark went to get the kids donuts. As usual, Marly ate the top off hers. I let Marly wear whatever she wanted, and didn't comb her hair. Notice her babies sleeping behind her on the couch.

Our plan for the weekend was to gear up for the kid's 4th birthday parties coming up this weekend. Instead, I slept and watched Dirty Dancing on ABC Family (twice)! Mark on the other hand was 'gittn' er done'! He set to work "jazzing up" the basement family area.

Right before Christmas, we finally purchased roman shades for the downstairs with a gift card from Christmas 2009! We wanted to change the paint from khaki and cream (boring and boring) to white and green. Yup, we picked the boring colors sometime after we moved in. We roll like that with paint. Easy come, easy go.

With the parties looming, Mark headed to Menard's for a sample. It ended up being minty kid/nursery green. That was a no go.

Next, Mark said, "Hey, what about the green in the upstairs bathroom?"
He slapped some on the wall and we both gave it a thumbs up.

The wanes coating, or bead board or whatever you want to call it all has a fresh coat of the same high gloss white as all of our trim work. It still needs a second coat. Most all of the walls (except this corner above where the TV use to sit on the cupboard that belongs in the back corner) have two coats of green.

Above is that back corner. I don't think I ever mentioned we moved the full size fridge that sat in the bar/kitchenette of sorts/serving area to the garage. It just felt weird to us there. We plan to add a full third cabinet to the top, since you can still purchase them from Home Depot.

Unfortunately, the area below was not fully carpeted. To fix this little issue, Mark added three packages of ceramic tiles two weeks ago, and we are very happy with the results. We think we may add a mini fridge, or at least centerize the cabinet below when we get the third cabinet above.

Nice work Honey!

Still left to tackle....Mark thinks he can mount the TV on the mantel (which seems to be the best room configuration).

In the mean time, the Birthday Countdown is on. I have gifts to wrap, groceries to shop for, party supplies to acquire, cakes to order, decor to create, house to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN, and

It is Monday and I still do not feel 100%. (And now Dean is sick!)

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JennyF said...

Sounds like you were out for the count this weekend. Hope you're feeling better soon and Dean gets over it quickly!


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