Monday, April 19, 2010

Springtime on Riverview Lane

We have now lived at our home 11 months, and I think spring came early this year. Our daffodils near the street are finally blooming.

Click HERE to see our yard last year. Live and learn. Mark and I weren't gardening savvy enough to realize it takes a LOT of bulbs packed into a small area to make an impact. These will probably be dug up, added to and replanted elsewhere (maybe with our spotty back yard tulips)...
My kids favorite mode of neighborhood transport this season is the three-wheel style.

or sometimes four....

Last years mama duck has returned to nest again, even after the harassment it received last spring from the new resident toddler two-some.
Click HERE to see the duck, the kid's preferred mode of transport via wagon, and etc LAST year.

We have tulips this spring...

and my children have become The Neighborhood Greeters/Welcome Party for the walkers, runners and bikers who travel Riverview Lane!

Happy Spring to All!

1 comment:

MollyinMinn said...

I see Marly has her mom's fashion sense. Love the glasses!

And so glad Mama duck is back!


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