Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our 3 Year Old Twins

Marly and Dean are three years old (and then some).

They both weigh 32 pounds. Dean weighs a half pound more. He appears very skinny next to his sister.

Dean REMAINS two inches taller, as he has ALWAYS been.

Both are healthy and get the pediatrician's stamp of approval at their 3 yr check up.

Marly likes dresses and accessories. Dean would wear "comfy pants" every day if you let him. "Comfy Pants" is how he lovelingly refers to his favorite blue fleece Gymboree pants.

Dean can throw a good tantrum, but Marly says "NO!" more. Dean whines A LOT, and we are really trying to change this bad habit.

Marly sleeps well most all of the time. Dean does NOT go to sleep well. They share a room, but should probably be seperated. The truth is, moving them downstairs simply seems like too much work right now! It is a struggle to get Dean down for his nap at home on the weekends. Both kids still take an afternoon nap. Marly likes naps.

Dean still loves Oscar. Marly still loves her TWO blankets. Sometime a long while back, Marly decided she always needed BOTH blankets and not just one or the other. We let them have their favorite things whenever they want them.

Dean likes to cuddle and is quick to respond to requests for hugs and kisses. Marly often denies requests! In public, she will often scowl and frown at people who try to talk to her.

Dean takes the social lead when in public, and Marly follows. Neither seems dominant of the other.

Dean is a very typical boy. He likes sticks. Marly is a very typical girl. She likes her dollies. Marly appears to have more sports ability. She likes soccor. Dean prefers t-ball. Dean talks about monsters now. He likes dinosaurs and polar bears. Marly likes pink.

Both chat and talk more every day. At this time of year, both love to be outside. They love their trikes and running around the yard.

Somedays they are good eaters, other days they are not. Marly likes meat more then Dean. Dean loves yogurt and cottage cheese. In the morning, Dean starts the day by requesting juice. Marly requests milk. Mark makes pancakes every Saturday morning. Dean loves it and eats plenty.

Dean is a bit more attentive and is a better prayer in church on Sunday's. Both Marly and Dean play in the children's area in the back of the santuary during the sermon. Marly hides her head when the pastor tries to cross her and bless her at communion.

Just recently they pretend play and roll play. Both like to pretend they are at Caribou or making coffee. They have only been inside a few times, but they know Daddy works there and mommy LOVES coffee. They definately know the logo! They have been through the drive thru too many times. The funny thing is, they think a "special treat" for them is a plastic clear glass of 'Bou ice water with a red straw! Not sure how long we can keep that FREE myth up.


britta said...

Cute pics! They are turning into little people...not much baby left in them!

Happy Earth Day...tomorrow!

britta said...
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britta said...

Blogger had a hiccup and posted my post twice! Sorry about that!

MollyinMinn said...

I mean, again, seriously. Could she be any more her mother? What a style queen.

Great post. One they will love reading back on in the future.


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