Thursday, April 1, 2010

Whose Driving???

Like most Mommy's, I try and make the drive to daycare smooth and contented. I do my best to avoid tears and tantrums. I do my best to encourage some giggles, smiles and chatter.

Dean does NOT like music on the car radio in the morning. Both Twinners object to my singing. No "Wheels on the bus" or "Jesus Loves Me". Any off key cords that pass my lips are met with a chorus of "NO Mommy! NO!"

Here is what they do like - When their bear or animal helps mommy drive! Here is Oscar and Marly's teddy-of-the-moment taking the wheel.

Oscar at the helm. Poor Oscar, he's flat as a pancake from over-lovin' BUT, he can still steer!

Next teddy and Oscar drink mommy's coffee....

There are no photos of me holding Oscar and putting the Amy's Blend 'Bou stainless travel coffee mug to Oscar's yarn mouth because it takes one hand to hold the bear and the other on the mug, and I am not sure how I drive too, so clearly a photo was NOT obtainable.

Yes you can question the safety involved with me driving with bears, and most certainly while clicking the Nikon! (It's all in the name of fun!)

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Laura said...

That's funny! I have to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over and I'm supposed to do the hand motions as well! Today he requested the Hokey Pokey. Figure that one out! People driving by probably think I'm nuts...


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