Thursday, April 8, 2010

7 & 37

Monday was Mark and my 7th Anniversary.
Tuesday was Mark's 37th Birthday.

Both came and went with little fanfare. Like any other Monday, Mark was long gone to work before I ever woke up. Like most any weekday, I got home around 5:30. Minutes after I arrived, Mark needed to go back to work. We quickly exchanged cards. We both admitted we didn't even really like the card we had bought for the other, but both felt we needed to provide some acknowledge. Mark then departed with nary a kiss...

Alas, neither of us even feel bad about the lack of anniversary hoopla. Heck, we are still married while managing careers, parenthood, home, bla, bla, bla... Getting by from day to day seems like enough to us. So - bring on the 8th year.

Mark's birthday did include a cake I picked up from Byerly's while also running a work errand, and we did go out to eat Tuesday evening. Big celebrators that we are, we both ordered $1 tacos on special at a nearby bar and grill we like. The kids each got a mini slider meal.

Anyway - Cheers to us, and Cheers to Mark!! The good news is Kelly requested to take the kids for the weekend. The two of use will have plenty of time to relax and celebrate this weekend... although neither of us have taken a minute to plan anything yet!

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britta said...

Happy Anniversary! And Happy Birthday to Mark!


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