Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Too Slow, No Go!

Recently I signed up on-line for Groupon. Every day I get an e mail alerting me to a DEAL for that day. If enough people in my area purchase the Groupon that given day, the "GROup" who enters gets the "coUPON" deal/gift card. If there is not enough response, the deal/offer is null and void.

Yesterday the Groupon was for "Let's Dish". For $75, you received a $125 gift card for this service/retailer where you walk in and make up multiple meals to take home, freeze, heat and serve.

I have wanted to go make meals for our family for ages... and I thought this was the perfect chance... but I stalled.... and I hymned, and I hawed.

Today I clicked back into my e-mail. I wanted that deal! But, alas.. that is NOT how "Groupon" works. A day late IS too late!!!

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