Monday, April 26, 2010

Andrea's Weekend Quiche High bred

Mark and I have our weekend rituals and routines... mostly centered on food. It is widely known we observe "Thomberg Family Pizza Night" each Friday. More often then not, one of use makes a Papa Murphy's run (with a coupon), but sometimes we make our own (usually with Boboli crust). Other times we may get delivery. If we are feeling celebratory and it is an extra special occasion, we may even venture OUT!

Then there are Saturday mornings. Mark makes pancakes, like EVERY Saturday. Dean starts asking for pancakes on Friday AFTER eating pizza. Mark goes the whole grain route for the mix, and we prefer real maple syrup.

Finally, there is my contribution to the rotation.... eggs baked in some variation, and probably on Sunday. Mostly, I whip up a quiche (or my take on Betty Crocker's Quiche Lorraine recipe circa 1973). I will call it my own personal high bred, based on whatever is in my refrigerator.

I use to buy the pre-made crust... but I no longer bother. Why waste the carbs? Now I just give my Pyrex glass pie dish a good coat of Pam and go naked.

Often, I have a giant container of heavy whipping cream from Costco in my fridge. I LOVE real cream in my coffee. Sometimes I go crazy on the fat, and put in the two cups the recipe calls for. Other days I skip the cream all together, add two eggs, and use less milk. Usually, I go half and half on that one. It all works folks. I did just Google, and Betty still calls for 2 cups heavy whipping cream or half and half today.

Some days I use 12 pre-cooked heat and serve bacon strips (which is what I thought the recipe called for), other days I use broccoli... or whatever other ingredient is about to go bad in my fridge. In my Google search, I see Betty now calls for 8 slices, so in the future I will reduce the number!

I like onions (which I prefer to brown) every time, but this week I only had those little white ones. Cayenne pepper is a MUST. So is the cheese, but what kind is again dictated by what's in the fridge. I like Swiss (as the recipe indicates) or cheddar. I put in a couple hand fulls. Is that two cups? I don't measure. Turns out Betty only calls for one cup. I think I will stick with two though. I am like that about cheese. If I don't have anything shredded, I chop something up.

I do use the 1/2 teaspoon of sugar the recipe calls for, but cut the salt if I am using bacon. For all my hard working, sugar beet growing, farmer friends and relatives, I APOLOGIZE for the cane product pictured above! Good gracious, I might be a little bit embarrassed to be housing this product in my cupboard.

So there you have it - The Thomberg's weekend menu at a glance. I usually eat the left over quiche slices on Monday mornings!

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