Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Thomberg's Weekend - CHANGE of Plans

This past weekend, I thought Mark and I would enjoy happy hour, a movie, sleeping in, hanging out with OUT the Twinners, go to dinner in NE Mpls, and etc. You see Kelly came to get M&D around 3:30 Friday for a weekend at Auntie's. At 4:45 I had just changed my clothes and fixed my make up to go for drinks, when Kelly called. Pat wasn't well and we needed to get the kids. We will pray for Pat's speedy recovery!

So in the mean time, we moved on to Plan B. Saturday we took the kids to Como Zoo (for a trip back in time to Como, click HERE)

Can't be without my Caribou. I swear, I am a coffee addict, not a caffeine addict. It's a half caf latte!

Click HERE to see the kids at the Conservatory in 2008 or HERE at holiday time.

The fish were a huge hit.

I was so busy with the kids, I didn't get a chance to digest the true beauty of the Conservatory.

Heading home for a nap. Later in the evening, we had the Lyon's over and grilled burgers.

Sunday we made a second trip to urgent care in a week and a 1/2 for PINK EYE!

But everyone was still able to enjoy the beautiful weather, including a picnic lunch on the lawn.

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