Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year's Eve photo review

Last Wednesday evening Heidi HB called to accept the Thomberg's invitation to a simple New Year's Eve dinner. It came with the stipulation they make the blog! Well.... you didn't even have to ask Ms. HB! Unfortunately, Thursday evening arrived and Jeff B was ill, so Heidi and Cale were on their own to join/brave our ROUSING (this term is used loosely and facitiously) toddler friendly festivities.

Here are the kiddos after our beef stroganoff dinner. Cale loved my fresh green beans baked with olive oil and sea salt, although I think he decided his chef/entertainer extrodiare for the evening was a wee bit nutty herself. M & D were such great hosts, they could not contain themselves long enough to sit at the table (set with china) and eat any of the nutty chef's food. The Twinners favored running circles around the kitchen instead, which was the perfect display of manners for our fine little guest, as he nibbled on his green beans.

After eating, we had a wild crazy toddler dance party (again these terms are used loosely)! Because of my Target bag/ shopping cart/parking lot mishap, a very quick trip to Walgreen's was made to gear up (again) with balloons, a new set of blowers, and poppers.

All we really needed were balloons...

...lots of balloons!

Our official New Year's countdown occured just prior to 9 pm. Heidi was assigned the task of noise maker, and given kids play band toys as props for her duties.

Happy New Year's!

Okay people, it is safe to say I am NOT crafty. The hat on my head (photo below) is my attempt at 'do it yourself' hats for the kids. I had this grand idea they should color them with markers (with adult supervision to avoid walls, furniture and faces) as a project. Only Marly would try to color hers (which is on my head below), but it was only about 2 minutes before she asked for plain, flat paper!

For full disclosure about our ROUSING evening, after Hiedi departed, Mark and I watched the New York CNN live version of the ball dropping snuggled under our comforter at 11 pm our time. Mark was coming down with a nasty cold and was asleep by 11:36 PM. After I pouted a few more minutes about being in bed so early on NYE, I drifted off to sleep too!

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