Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hanging out at Home!

Here's what you do when you have the entire week of New Year's off at home...

You take a hot bath and use your favorite new princess and frog towels (which were a Christmas gift from Auntie Rachel).

You bundle up, head outside in the cold, and make snow angels...

...after Mommy pulls you on a sled ride up and down the street...but before the hot cocoa. (No Boot Hoopla this year. I ordered the Snow Flurry from Land's End on line.)

Then one day you have your friends over for a play date...

...and give everyone a turn shopping around the living room. (Owen deVries)

You play with your baby dolls. (with P H-we)

If you are an adult at the play date, you watch your 'live' baby dolls run circles around the house, while gabbing and catching up, munching on Costco Butter Croissants with turkey or ham and cheese, drinking coffee, or sipping a little glass of mimosa.

Eventually, everyone needs to go home for a nap! (Jenny Lyons and Miss Vivian)

So you bundle up again for the cold. (Molly and Charlie deVries)

If your name is Marly or Dean and you are nearly three, it is best to snuggle up every afternoon, all cozy inside, and take a nice long nap too... (while mommy checks e-mail, types a blog, does laundry, preps supper, cleans up, wipes up, picks up, and generally enjoys quiet time each chilly winter afternoon - AT HOME!)


Anonymous said...

A, love the post. It reminds me of "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie!"


britta said...

Sounds like my kind of day! Lots of cute kiddos!


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