Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Club... What I am NOT reading...

Here is what I am currently reading! A co-worker just borrowed me her hard cover copy since I have been too cheap to buy it. I am excited to read the conclusion to the Twilight series.

Below is what I am suppose to be reading for my neighborhood ladies book club TOMORROW night...

Yup.... I have NO IDEA what the book club selection is this time, and I have deleted the e mail with this important little fact.

Despite this lack of pertinent information, I will be attending the monthly meeting of the "Riverview Readers" anyway. We usually gather the last Thursday of the month, but it coincided with Thanksgiving and November was cancelled. An alternate/earlier December date was chosen, but the hostess needed to postpone. we are. Tomorrow's book club meeting is actually a Friday. You see, the hostess then decided it had been so long since we last met, we cneeded to shift to Friday so we would have more time to chat and sip wine, and maybe have a little more wine...

Yesterday when I got the RSVP reminder, I quickly 'Replied to all' I would attend, and PLEASE let me in even though I didn't read. The hostess replied to ME only, she also hadn't read the book...shhhh! The kicker is - SHE PICKED THE BOOK.

Like the prior 4 months, I am really looking forward to Book Club. I am enjoying getting to know these women better with each gathering. I can see the women have bonds with each other and their families. I want to build those relationships with my neighbors too. I want to invest our family in Riverview Lane, the place we call HOME, the place where I live, and the place I don't need to drive to.

I know many women who belong to a book club. This is the second book club I have attended/belonged to (not that you really 'join' or 'quit' most book clubs. Most appear more fluid.). At the first meeting of the first book club I belonged to, 12 women consumed 13 bottles of wine.... but that was back in the days when my gal pals were in our '20's, referred to ourselves as the "St Paulie Girls," were mostly single, and surely had no kiddlings. In both situations, wine consumption and catching up outweighed talk about the literary selection.

Do you belong to a book club? What is it like? Is the group based on geography, friendships, a specific genre of reading material? (My Dad belongs to a Non-Fiction book club that meets monthly at a book store in the Galleria. No wine involved...)

After reading my post, I bet you wouldn't invite me to yours?! I don't think I am the guilty one who drank MORE than a bottle of wine at that first book club all those years back...

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