Thursday, January 21, 2010

Eye Twitch Meet Tonic

Today my great coworker/friend and I were at an off site meeting. On our return trip back to the office, I commented my eye had been twitching for a while, and it was beginning to drive me batty. I figured I would need to eat a banana when I got home. (I thought a banana would help because Mark told me years ago the twitching had something to do with potassium, so a banana was the cure).

Molly commented to try Tonic. Tonic Water? I can't recall what she told me that Brian told her was in it... but it seems to cure that annoying twitch. Molly is quite intelligent, and better yet.. her husband (Brian) is an Optometrist (oh, and I am positive he is quite intelligent too!).

(If you live in, around, or anywhere near St. Paul - I give the Highland Family Eye Care my glowing recommendation).

Anyway... this tonic thing sounded like a VERY good plan to me (Grey Goose, Grey Goose). Mark had a work dinner meeting, so I was on kid pick up detail, thus had to shorten my work day. As I made supper for the three of us (left over lasagna and fresh steamed broccoli), I decided to put the tonic to the test. Well...the truth is, my eye wasn't actually twitching anymore, but it REALLY felt like it might start again at any moment! So, I got out the tonic (and the Grey Goose of course). I mean really, who is going to drink JUST tonic!

Anyway, I really enjoyed my tonic (and Grey Goose). My eye is MUCH better too! I am sure the TONIC did the trick!

Thank you Molly (and Dr. Snyder)!


Angie said...

Hmmm... Come to think of it, I feel like my eye might start twitching at any moment... ;)

Laura said...

That's just darn funny! The Hottie Dr. Nagel in Olivia told me that eye twitches are caused by three things: dehydration, exhaustation and stress. Naturally, "tonic" would solve all of those problems!

Jen Lyons said...

Oh, how I wish I could cure some of my ailments with gin and tonic right now!! Just under 4 months to go.....

happygal said...

You are cracking me up. So, so, so funny. But thanks for the nice compliments all around!

Dr. Brian J. Snyder said...

I am glad to be of service.


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