Monday, January 11, 2010

Our weekend

I had a contented weekend. It was nice. I was calm. What more can I ask for! Friday I attended the 'Riverview Readers' neighborhood ladies book club. Only 3 people had read the book. Better luck on actual readers next month, but we all had a very nice time.

Saturday our neighbor girl Anna was on board to babysit. The Thomberg's were going out like real adults, to dinner with the Hentges. It has been a long time, and it was a GREAT night out... like real adults.

The Hengtes came and played with the kids a bit before we headed to a nearby restaurant in Champlin called Maverick's. Maverick's is a woodfire bar and grill a couple of miles from our house on the river. I have yet to actually sit in the dining room, so I have no idea if you can actually see the river. I do know that is has the right price point, decent service, atmosphere, old school decor with retro punches, and is a nice departure from the typical suburban chain. Mark and I have been there a few times for drinks, and decided it might be just the spot to take the Hengtes. It made for a great, casual night out with friends. As we invest in things near our home, I am sure we will be back often in the year's ahead, including with the Twinners.
There is live music at 9 pm every Saturday. I think it's neighborhood folks who come and play for free, but that is fine by us. We are old, we don't like loud stuff! (ha! ha!). The photo was taken on Doris's phone. A patron walked by, and out of the blue, asked if we wanted our picture taken. Maybe she sensed I was a blogger, Doris would instantly e mail it to me, and here it would be on Monday.

I know I am getting redundant, but is was really good for Mark and I to get out with other adults, like real adults. Am I repeating myself. You bet!

Sunday we all slept in. That's 8 am if you have kids!. We went to Brett and Rachel's for lunch (for city folks)/ dinner (for country folks). My dad joined us too.

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