Monday, January 18, 2010

Please Give!

Please give the the people in need in Haiti. Please know every donation helps, even a small one. Please know YOU can make a difference. I do not have a long list of blog followers. I do not have a wide circle of influence. But, I want to reach out to my regular readers (all ten of you) and ask you to give, and ask others you know to give as well. Perhaps you have already made a donation.

If you bought a latte or coffee (or plan to this week), perhaps you can donate $4 too. Do you have $10 to spare... go on line and donate it. When I look at the generation younger then myself... twenty somethings who mostly don't read my blog (but have a home, a job, a car), I hope they will be inspired to give something to the people of Haiti. I hope this will also inspire them in a lifetime ahead of philanthropy.

There are many places to give. Heck, Mark and I just gave to the Red Cross at the Costco register on Sunday. With all we spent on OURSELVES, it only felt right to add a few dollars on for those in Haiti who do NOT have a cart brimming with food (who are HUNGRY and THIRSTY right now). Our receipt clearly indicates our Red Cross donation, and is tax deductible.

I have include two links in case I have inspired you to grab your check card RIGHT NOW. I picked two organization where I felt resources would be wisely used and would be accountable. There are many other organizations equally worthy.

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Red Cross

You can also go on to my friend Molly's blog and see how her family is giving and involving the blogger world by clicking HERE.

PLEASE GIVE. Now or in the weeks ahead, our funds are needed.

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happygal said...

Hey, I thought I commented and said thanks before...but I don't see it here now. So thanks. The need is so great.


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