Friday, January 15, 2010

These are the days...(insert Indigo Girls song here)

My kids often end up in our bed in the middle of the night. In the past I have tried to resist this. I have tried to teach them to be good sleepers in their OWN bed. As you may already know, we have always, always put the Twinners to bed at a baby or toddler friendly time in their OWN crib/bed, and never started a night out in ours.

At nearly 3, Marly occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night crying. Dean is even more likely to wake up, cry... or wake up and simply toddle to my bedside, to be scooped up and snuggled in. Honestly, giving in to their desire is the path of least resistance. It is the path most likely to lead to MORE precious sleep. More sleep is very important to a man who works at a coffee shop, and begins his day well before the crack of dawn. Often though, I resist letting the Twinners into our bed. (Which upsets Mark as they are crying at 2:45 am.) I have thought it negative for their greater sleep habits to indulge them in this way.

This week I have changed my thinking on the subject. You see... I read this post by McMama about the times and moments your wee ones WANT and NEED you being GONE before you know it. She talks about cherishing and living in those moments. Before I know it, Dean and Marly won't WANT to sleep in my bed. Just this morning, McMama updated her thoughts in this post. She mentioned the last night she was going to bring one of her MSC (Many Small Children) into bed with her, just because SHE wanted to.

So... Marly and Dean, if it is the middle of the night and you want your mommy and daddy, "Come on in!"

Just last night, Marly did wake up crying. I went in to comforter her. I did bring her to our bed before she woke Dean up too. (Indeed, at first I tried to resist. Indeed, Mark just said to bring her in. He always does) She found a comfy spot between Mark and I. Sometime around 4:30 AM, Dean wandered in on his own. He had been fussing somewhat prior to his entrance. He found his own warm, comfy spot on my side. Mark left early. Like normal, he barely interrupted my own slumber. It was comforting and calming to wake this morning with my own precious brood snuggled next to me. This morning was a morning to cherish. There are so many times like that, and I will not let them slip by me.

Too bad we don't have the room or the finances for a king size bed!


Angie said...

This has always been our approach, Andrea. Granted, it doesn't always make for the best night's sleep. But these days WILL be gone before we know it!

Laura said...

I have my moments where I fight this too, but this morning at 5:15, Wilson comes running in with Blue and snuggles in close for the last hour before I need to get up. It's a great way to start the week!!!

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