Friday, May 29, 2009

After the fact...

Two weeks late, I am posting photos of our FIRST Thomberg Family Pizza Night on the evening of our close. Our first delivery!

The grey box near the front (photo above) is our Waterford Lismore toasting flutes from our wedding. We get them out to toast special occasions. Oops, we forgot to get them our for our last anniversary! I should have invested in better champagne though. Mark and I could only stand a sip or two of the cheap stuff I bought at the BP Liqueur Store.

Just an FYI - Still no furniture in this living area!

Pizza tastes just as good sitting on the floor.

Cooking has occurred in the kitchen since the photo below.

Thanks to Rachel and Heidi, our kitchen was the first functional/unpacked area. The pantry now has a curtain (which I need to hem).

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE all, so real, a real family, living a real honest life. Happy, Happy!

Love Cindy


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