Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to Riverview Lane

This Saturday we slept in our home on Riverview Lane for the first time! Thanks to the help of Mark's Dad and Brother, Brett, Rachel and a few gal pals, we had a productive and efficient move. Rachel took the Twinners to Como Park while the men loaded and unloaded the truck. Heidi and Dawn came and set up and made our bed and organized our kitchen. Jesse and Tony came to see our digs and have a beer with us. It was a successful day all around. Dad and Nana Chris brought McDonald's for supper!

Sunday we did some unpacking, a bit of yard work, and I took the kids to the first BBQ of the season at the Lyons while Mark worked. Laura Melberg even drove in from Hector with Will to bring me our oak kitchen table she and Mike have kindly kept since we sold the house at the farm.

On Memorial Day Mark and I put some sweat and muscle into our overgrown yard and ate ribs for supper on our patio. We happily ignored the boxes to unpack inside. I cut back shrubs and Mark mowed the lawn. We were fortunate enough to have my Aunt Toot's deliver a lawn mower from my cousin Kris's fiance in Fairmont last week. It worked great on our overgrown grass.

It turns out we may have moved to the Wysteria Lane of Brooklyn Park. So far my neighbor Tom and his 13 year old son Jared have come to introduce themselves (wife is Patty) on Friday. Saturday we met Mindy across the street and her 10 year old Golden Lab (husband name = ???). Monday Rachel, Brett and their 4 year old son Reed walked by on their way to the neighborhood pool party pot luck. It seems a neighbor fills her pool on Memorial Day every year, and the kids brave the cold. Rachel alerted us she would tell everyone they met the new family. Finally we met David and Molly next door. They have a 1 1/2 year old named Hailey. Each person indicated we were going to LOVE the neighborhood. Tom tells us Jared mows lawn for $40. Mindy tells us they use to live in a new home a few miles away, but had waited for a home on Riverview to come up for sale and bought 3 years ago. Rachel tells us her other son is 13 and will be ready to babysit next year. David tells us if I ever need a beer to come on over. He also indicated Larry across the street is 74 and sometimes gets a little persnickety.

Anyway, we are surely excited about our new neighborhood, home and yard.

Once again, I failed to take good photos. Here is a portion of our helpers on Saturday. There are more photos to come from Mark's camera later. We have already put mom's chain saw (which Rachel is posing with) to good use in the yard.

Here are Marly and Dean NOT sleeping in their new beds with Dr. Suess sheets.

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britta said...

FORTY DOLLARS to mow the lawn....talk about OVERPRICED....or the cities!!!! Jeez louise....I am obviously a small town girl...wait, so are you! Mow your own lawn and save your wallet!


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