Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, Kelly and Pat hosted lunch. Thank you Pat and Kelly. I made potato salad and poppy seed cake (my treat to myself I suppose...)
(oh...and I am wearing the JCrew sale sweater I treated myself to as well...)
Grandma Pauline

Pauline with her children and grandchildren.

For supper, we intended to eat at Wagner's Drive In in St. Louis Park, which we have done since my first Mother's Day. Silly, but it was the one thing I was looking forward to. This year we were meeting Brett & Rachel, and the Lyon's. We got there... and Wagner's was GONE. Instead, there were piles of dirt and a sign announcing "Galaxy Drive In Coming Soon!" We ate at the Park Tavern instead. Not exactly the kid friendly outdoor picnic table this mom had in mind, but at least Mark and Rachel chased the kids most of the time so I got a few minutes to converse.

We did not have time for a walk around Lake Calhoun like the past two years. Being Mark had not taken any pictures of me with the kids, I asked him to snap this not so special shot after we got home from the restaurant and long after the kids bedtime.

Thank you God for making me a mama and blessing me with Marly and Dean!


britta said...

Happy 5,000 Visits on your blog!!!!! Love the pic of you and the twinners!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a happy mommy and happy kids!


Jennifer Lyons said...

I think the shot of you with the Twiinners IS special! They both have huge grins on their faces because they love their mommy, that makes it special!

Thanks for the invite to join you for Mother's Day dinner!

Love ya,



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