Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's for supper!

Most nights Mark prepares supper, since he arrives home long before me. I try and decide on the menu and get the ingredients out in advance to help him out.

Once in a while, I actually cook...I am hooked on the BLOG of this mom to quadruplets. She recently wrote about making Chicken Scallopine, and inspired me last Sunday.

I am not a great cook, but occasionally come across a recipe which proves successful. It has to be relatively uncomplicated for me to tackle, with less then three ingredients I need to purchase special. For this recipe, I picked up the fresh mushrooms at Costco (in conjuction with a work visit) and the fresh parsley and Cub while doing my regular shopping. You can guess I had wine on hand (and chicken broth should you prefer)...and I keep capers in our fridge because I love them in tuna fish.

The Chicken Scallopine recipe (linked here with plenty of photos) is worth a try - It is from The Pioneer Woman blog. The Pioneer Woman is pretty darn cool herself.

My chicken was not quite as pretty as the Pioneer Woman's pictured above. Despite this, it was a winner with Marly and Dean. Less sauce equaled less mess for them... and more for Mark and me! Mark actually ate the left overs on Monday. Quite honestly, he rarely eats anything I make as a left-over.


britta said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!!! :-)

Mary in MN said...

You read her, too??? Her website it lethal for me... I could spend hours on there!! PW was one of the first blogs I ever came across and I got spoiled. I keep on meaning to make Marlboro Man sandwiches and can't help but compare my dear hubby to hers LOL.I haven't been there in a couple of months and I have free time right now... so here I go :). Thanks Andrea (and that picture makes me want to make it right now!!).



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