Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Already!

As you can guess, we are busy with our new home. No we are NOT all unpacked, we do NOT have any furniture for our upstairs living room, our bedroom closet is too small, our yard still needs lots of branch removal, the downstairs bathroom still hasn't been scrubbed, Mark has lots of painting left to do, we still have things in storage with various people, but WE LOVE IT! It is going to take time to truly look like "The Thomberg's" but we are on our way! Each day we accompish a little something. Yesterday I purchased a pot of red geraniums for our front walk and Mark put together the grill he purchased with gift cards.

May God bless our home.

In the mean time, Marly and Dean are again being total trouble makers at bedtime in their new room (with beds). Bascially, after their bedtime routine we put them down and say our prayers around 8 pm, but they WON'T STAY DOWN! God granted us two wonderful, easy infants who only cried when they had a need. The ate and slept well. Today I have two toddlers. One of the two is named Dean, who can be moody, cranky, throw a darn good tantrum, who will pitch a fit before sitting down to most meals, who lands in time out often, who knows how NOT to listen, and who makes bedtime a fight to the bitter end too late into the evening. GRRRR - Pay back is a B*?#%! Recently, Dean would NOT stay in his crib at the town home, and now he won't stay in his bed at the new house. Then he lures Marly out of hers too.

So, here were are on Thursday. There is chicken marinading in my much larger fridge for the new grill. We are wrapping up cleaning and maintenance on the town home in the days ahead and looking forward to a weekend filled with house projects. I am sure it will come and go too fast.

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