Thursday, May 7, 2009

HIT with a memory

Today I spent a copious amount of time in my car for work, so I spent a lot of time listening to talk radio, while setting my mind adrift. I was tuned into FM 107 when the conversation turned to prom cosages... them Mark called me on my cell phone about his Mother's Day work schedule...

and then I was suddenly STRUCK with a long ago, far away memory of....

...the Orchid Corsages my dad would purchase from Sophie Sampson's flower shop in Hector to honor my mom on Mother's Day!

Oh yes, there was my mother at our tiny country church on Mother's Day Sunday with a GIANT orchid adorning her dress (with matching spike heels and clutch handbag). Year after year, my mom would graciously attach the monstrosity (sorry Dad!) to her ensemble. I do recall her muttering something about Sophie selling the Melberg men the LARGEST flower in the shop. Maybe it was because I was small, (or maybe it was my mother's quiet comment) but in my childhood memory, the flower was rather on the large side. The picture above (snagged from the internet) makes the size seem insignificant.

Come back with me to the 1980's. Somehow, Sheldon or David would managed to escape from the tractor and spring planting long enough to run to town and pick up these corsages for Jan and Marlys... because that is what husbands/fathers were trained to do (by Sophie Sampson I think!).

Ladies, do any of you still get a corsage on Mother's Day???

When the memory struck, I started to chuckle and cry all at the same time as I was speeding back to the office on I-94.


Anonymous said...

I was listening to the same radio conversation while running errands for work! I haven't ever received a corsage as a mom, but I did purchase corsages for my mom from St. Joseph's Elementary School for many years. It was the height of fashion to be sporting green or blue carnations in the 80's. Well, at least 4th graders thought they were cool. They were the first ones to sell out! Thinking back, they were probably hideous, but my mom and grandmother wore them all day!


Anonymous said...

My dad did the SAME orchid as well! I wonder if he also got it from the same place??
Great memory!


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