Friday, November 21, 2008

My Little Miss Marly

As a blogging twin mommy, I actually feel guilty when a post is centered just one of the Twinners, which is completely ridiculous - and I am getting over it RIGHT NOW. I love them both equally, but they are two seperate human beings.

Mark took these photos of Marly recently, and they are just irresistible. Cousin Laura Melberg knit the lovely boiled wool hat. Isn't it just darling! Dean has a blue one, but he wouldn't cooperate when the camera turned his way. True to form, Marly was at home, so she had a few smiles to share. People comment Marly looks like me as a child (I honostly don't know). I do know she has her daddy's big brown eyes.

Also, if I could rewind for just one hour to an age where it was cool to wear a shirt called a onsie that snaps between your legs...Marly and Dean's days in onsie's have nearly drawn to a close.

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britta said...

Dang she is a cutie! Great pictures.
I am not going to school next semester and instead I am nannying TWINS!(did I already tell you this?!) Yesterday I did my first two hours alone to get ready for 8 hour days...not bad at all! Although I suppose they are bit easier now because all they do is sleep, eat, and poop since they are only 2 months old. Have a great weekend! :-)


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