Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gratidute - Day 2 & 3

Since buying into the concept of a 'Gratitude Groove' on Saturday, I am going to attempt to express gratitude or thanks every day, as a follow up to yesterday's post. Although I will not post daily, I will express thanks from each passing day in some manner (hence the various tenses, as I may record and save until a later date - bear with me). With Thanksgiving on Thursday and Christmas around the corner, 'tis the season! Surely there are times when the holiday's become overwhelming for each of us. I feel this excercise will help me stay in tune with the true meaning of the season. If you should like to join my excercise, feel free to post comments or e mail me thoughts you may with to share.

Stay tuned for the next 38 days! You may also see my thanks in bold/italics when woven into upcoming posts.

Sunday/Day 2- I am grateful for our church and worship. I am grateful for the $1.59 gas at Costco. I am grateful for my Twinners and husband and how fun they make a Sunday trip to Costco. I am grateful for Marly and Dean's personalities and enjoy watching them express themselves so differently in public.

Monday/Day 3 - I forgot my usual lunch including a baby spinach salad with my own vinaigrette and a hard boiled egg on the counter at home. I am grateful Jodi from the Publications Department invited me to a vendor meeting, and the group went out to lunch afterward. The Ahi tuna I ordered was a treat I can't get at home and fit my desire for something healthy too. I am grateful to be heading to my Dad's straight from work where I will be meeting Mark, Marly and Dean then going out for a bite to eat. I am grateful for my best friend Gretchen. I exchanged an e mail, then a phone call from her in the midst of my work afternoon.

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