Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fly in friends!

Lucky for the St. Paulie Gal Pals, our friends Dawn and Derek were travelling from Dawn's home in Colorado back to their own home in Massachusetts and had a long lay over in Minneapolis this past Sunday. Dawn took up residence in MN post college. Somewhere along the journey, Dawn entered a circle of gal pal friends, starting with me. Derek came into the picture numerous years back, and joined her in MN briefly before they married. Then Derek whisked our dear friend off to California to complete seminary, then to Germany to intern, and then our Lutheran pastor friend took a church on the East Coast. WHAT!!! You two decided not to return to MN, the epicenter of the Lutheran's in America!!! Too cold for you???

Well, at least we got the pleasure of a quick fly through visit this past weekend. Jess shuttled them to and from the airport. We met for brunch at Bonfires on Grand Avenue, our old stomping ground. There were plenty of babies to hold and toddlers to run after (niether of which existed when they left). The crew was either a great motivator for Dawn and Derek to start a family, or the best method of birth control. I am not sure which...

Dawn is the tall one near the back.
Only two of the six children present are pictured.
NOT PICTURED - all of the men in attendance.

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