Friday, November 14, 2008

Family Photo Fun

Last week we had family photos taken at Victoria's Gallery. I picked this studio in Hastings because I had met one of the photographers from the Gallery at a Gillette event I attended. Nick had helped plan a lovely wine tasting fundraiser, and had a great personality I suspected our family would enjoy.

We had fun at the shoot and Nick just sent me this sampling of photos to share on the blog!

Dean acted like he was the GAP baby. Marly stayed true to form and choose to save most of her smiles for at home. This was not unexpected by Mark and me.

We are delighted with the images Nick and Victoria captured on film.

Click on the photo and it will enlarge on your screen!


Anonymous said...

So cute, Andrea! Any the kids are coordinated, but not matching! Is this progress?

Andrea said...

Well, it is hard to come by MATCHING for b/g twins... but yes, they are in coordinating GAP sweaters, and both have on Gymboree cords...Mom and Dad sporting Banana Republic...


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