Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Katelyn & Kalvin's Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon I loaded the Twinners into the Pacifica and we headed in the general direction of home (A.K.A Renville County, Hector, the Farm, etc.). Just after Brownton, we hung a right at the four-way on Hwy 212, and a few miles later we pulled into Koenig Park. We were attending Katelyn and Kalvin's joint b-day party at their home.

K & K are the children of my dearest childhood friend - Cindy K. We all had a fun time. Look at all the kids!

Once in a blue moon I get to see Cindy's sisters, Lori and Jenny, and the rest of her family, which is fun for me. On the car ride home through the dark countryside, my brain washed over long ago memories of Disco Mickey Mouse in their living room, Lori getting sick from pizza (or the cheese), the playhouse, Debbie's baked goods, the pond Chip flooded outside their house one year to skate on, their two tone Suburban, bike rides, cats, sleep overs, Cindy's room in the basement, and so on.

While I took a trip down memory lane, Marly and Dean giggled and babbled for about 15 miles, then drifted off to sleep... (they had Capri Sun juice boxes for the first time. What a treat! Not even the sugar could keep the tired Twinners awake after all the party excitement!)

Kalvin is right in the middle in red - Katelyn is to the left of him & Marly.

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