Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Haircut for Dean

Dean got his first professional haircut this week at Kidz Hair. I admit, I channel Marlys on a regular basis. Because of this, I may be a bit anal about my children having neat hair. I prefer to tame and staighten the uneven whispies. I have given Dean many trims at home. I have done so for Marly as well. Dear Mark thinks although I may channel Marlys...I do NOT have her professional training or skills. He is perhaps right about this, although I do have my mom's scissors.

This being said, Mark decided to take Dean to the salon on Tuesday. You can tell Dean really enjoyed his experience. Mommy's House of Style is cheaper AND there are less tears involved.

Marly doesn't need a professional haircut, although she does have a few curls on top. Of course they are trimmed regularly by me to prevent a mohawk. Because I felt bad excluding her photo in the last post, I included her photo simply because I wanted to....All is NOT fair in the world of twins, but I couldn't have two posts in a row with out a visual of Happy Marly.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!

They are getting so big.

Is Marly eating Cheerios?

Have a great day/weekend.

Love Cindy


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