Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spring Cook Out

This past weekend, Mark, Marly, Dean and I went to the first cook out of the season at Brett and Rachel's. Brett had been up since 5 AM smoking pork. It was delicious. Brett made sure to pose Marly and Dean in front of the keg. It makes me think of a photo of myself at a hog roast hosted by Gary and Karen. I am crouching near the ground with the sun on my back, my little toddler hands gripping a plastic beer cup...or the photo where I am sitting and playing in a sea of Pfiffer beer bottles. I turned out just fine - Right???!!!!


Anonymous said...

Must be one proud uncle!


happygal said...

H ha ha...I read this at first as "brett had been up...smoking pot." had to reread it twice to get it :)



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