Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

I really enjoy Halloween.
I love pumpkins, decorating inside and out, and candy too.
I love costumes and dressing up.
My mom created/sewed outstanding costumes for Brett and I every year.
This year I put a lot of thought into creating original costumes for my own children.
Also this year, for the first time as a mom, I got to volunteer at the kids Halloween Party at their Montessori school.
And of course, we have created a tradition of having the Grandparents for supper before we go tick-or-treating. Grandpa Gary has mastered the art of pumpkin carving for Marly and Dean.
Grandpa has two eager helpers.

And many smiles.

For supper I made baked ziti and served apple pie from Jack's Bakey, with Cool Whip enhanced with orange food coloring and black sugar sprinkles. (I am a working mom after all, who has NOT found the time to bake, on top of everything else! Hey, the house was picked up!)

Marly and Dean in costume and giddy to get out the door, ready to visit all the neighbors on Riverview Lane. It was another beautiful night with a mild temperature.

Hello Kitty!

Hat and appliqued dress ordered from Etsy sellers.

Us girls found the Hello Kitty tights at Walmart. She has white gloves, but decided not to wear them.

Marly has a puffy white tail I attached on her back side. It is more bunny like then kitty like, but cute all the same.

Dean-o the Dino!

Hat purchased from Etsy.

The fleece pants (Carters) and sweater (Old Navy) have cut felt spikes and accents hand stitched with green embroidery thread on the arms, back, legs, etc - All done with love by me.

Dean has a tail also made from the blue and green felt. I attached elastic to it, so he could wear/tie it around his waste, but it wouldn't pull his pants off his skinny waiste.

He was the darn cutest thing when he wiggled his tail/butt!

Kitty and Dinosaur best buddies, on Halloween and every day.

Happy Halloween Ya'all!

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