Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Our Thanksgiving started as the sun was rising. Mark and the Twinners headed to White Bear Lake to cheer Auntie Kelly on at the finish line of the "Fast before the Feast" 5 K. Back in the solitude of our warm and peaceful home, I started my morning with a fresh brewed cup of Caribou with heavy whipping cream (purchased for various t-day recipes). Soon the Thompson's would gather with us. This was Kelly's first ever 5 K. Awesome job! Way to go!

Looking fine at the finish line!

Meanwhile, I got this 19 pound bad boy oven ready with fresh vegetables, fresh chopped herbs, loads of unsalted butter, an one large Reynold's oven bag.

I set the table with wedding linen, china, and crystal.

I added spray painted gourds, thrifted and sprayed candle holders, and my favorite sterling-silver thrifted platter, along with Aurthur Court napkin rings.

The appitizer table was put into place, and I added the appropriate (spray painted) decor to my ever changing IKEA shelves.
Two for whom I give THANKS!

ME! Proud hostess with my perfectly browned and moist bird. I think we are both glowing.

Say grace and let's eat.

"Bi-ness, Goodness we are fed. Thank you Lord for our daily bread"

Translation from the version Mark has been saying since his own childhood.

"By his goodness we are fed. Thank you Lord for our daily bread."

Dean thought he was very funny waving around the giant drumstick and pretending to eat it.

Fun and games.


Happy Thanksgiving ya'all!

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